But if it region before the invited try verbal after the proposal has been granted, then the offer becomes invalid

Would it be valid to do the latest ? Since I read that it is maybe not permissible as one of the latest conditions out of matrimony would be the fact it must be carried out in one to place.

Overview of address

It is permissible accomplish on line nikah when there is zero risk of tampering, the fresh title of the husband and wali has https://lovingwomen.org/fr/femmes-panameennes/ been proven, in addition to a few witnesses can hear the fresh proposal and acceptance.


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  • Is on the net nikah valid when you look at the Islam?
  • Scholarly comment on online nikah

Criteria of valid

The fresh suggestion (ijab) and you may acceptance (qabul) mode among the pillars otherwise an essential part of the marriage package, as opposed to that it is not legitimate. Brand new proposal is said from the wali (guardian) or their proxy in addition to desired is alleged by husband otherwise their proxy.

“If there is a good lapse of energy between your suggestion and you may enjoy, it’s appropriate provided they are both done in the brand new exact same get together and there is zero distraction that would amount just like the an interruption predicated on regional personalized, even when the interval among them try a long time. An equivalent is applicable if there’s a distraction you to definitely interrupts the fresh new legal proceeding based on local personalized, for the reason that it was flipping regarding they and it is since the if the proposal had been rejected.”

Is on the net nikah legitimate when you look at the Islam?

Predicated on you to, the students differed pertaining to creating the marriage bargain because of the having fun with modern form including the mobile in addition to Sites . Several of all of them declare that that’s not permissible, of the absence of witnesses, even though the presence from a couple of witnesses for the cellular phone from the the same time frame will come within the exact same ruling as if it were in the same place. This is actually the look at the Islamic Fiqh Council (Majma‘ al-Fiqh al-Islami).

Some of the students try of your evaluate that the will be be disallowed, given that a preventative measure to guard the marriage, since it is possible so you can imitate another person’s voice and therefore hack others. Here is what is manufactured in fatwas issued because of the Position Committee getting Providing Fatwas.

A few of the scholars regard it permissible so long as there is no risk of tampering. Here’s what are manufactured in fatwas granted because of the Shaykh Ibn Baz (get Allah possess compassion to your your).

Thus it is known your problem is not the trouble to be in the same place, since contact anywhere between both sides meanwhile via the mobile phone otherwise Web sites appear underneath the exact same ruling because if it was indeed in identical lay.

You are able for this matrimony offer is saw, from the reading the newest voice of the speaker over the phone or Internet; in reality having scientific improves immediately you can find the new wali and you can pay attention to his sound when he makes the proposal, and is together with it is possible to observe the latest husband.

And this more right have a look at pertaining to this dilemma are it is permissible to do the wedding offer over the mobile otherwise Web sites, when there is no danger of tampering, the fresh new name of spouse and you will wali has been proven, together with a few witnesses can be hear the brand new suggestion and you can greeting.

This is what is actually manufactured in fatwas provided from the Shaykh Ibn Baz (could possibly get Allah has actually mercy to your him), as stated a lot more than. It is also what’s implied because of the fatwa of the Standing Committee, which disallowed matrimony in such instances while the a precaution and also for concern about deception.

The person who desires to be on new secure side may carry out the wedding bargain of the appointing proxies; therefore, the partner or guardian may hire someone to do the matrimony price for the his part before witnesses.

Scholarly discuss on line nikah

  • Statement of one’s Islamic Fiqh Council

The guidelines in the above list do not connect with the wedding package, by stipulation you to witnesses show up therefore.”

  • Fatwa of your Updates Committee having Issuing Fatwas

Question: in the event the pillars otherwise an essential part and conditions of the wedding contract are satisfied, aside from the newest wali as well as the husband come in different countries, would it be permissible accomplish the marriage offer of the cellular telephone or maybe not?

“Given that at this time deception and you will trickery try prevalent, and many everyone is skilled at the imitating other people, and lots of are able to make voice seem like good number of individuals, female and male, young and old, as well as speak some other dialects and you can dialects, and so the listener thinks one to multiple individuals are speaking whenever in fact it is one individual, and because Islamic Shari`‘ah is concerned which have securing people’s chastity and you can honor, and you can requires alot more safety measures than many other religions regarding deals and transactions, the fresh Panel thinks that it’s not appropriate, with regard to wedding contracts, the fresh proposal and you can greet, and you can appointing proxies, to handle for example issues over the telephone. This will be to have the brand new tries from shari‘ah and you can protect man’s chastity and you can honour, in order that people that go after whims and you may desires and people who attempt to hack and you will cheat people will struggle to toy having things off relationships. And you may Allah is the way to obtain fuel.” (Fatawa al-Lajnah post-Daimah, )

  • Fatwa from Shaykh Ibn Baz (get Allah provides mercy for the him)

I would like to marry so you can an effective girl along with her father is within another country; at present I can not go fulfill him and you can carry out the currently inside a different country. Can it be permissible for me personally to call their particular father with the intention that he can say to me personally, “We give you my daughter So-and-so in-marriage,” and i can say, “We accept.” The newest girl agrees with the wedding so there are two Muslim witnesses who will pay attention to everything i state and you may exactly what he states, via the speakers on the mobile phone. Is it considered a valid wedding offer?

“Your website put this question to help you Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Baz (get Allah enjoys mercy into him) in which he responded that if what exactly is revealed is valid (and there is zero tampering with it), this may be satisfies brand new requirements away from shar‘we marriage and the matrimony deal holds true.”