Minutes away from Council and you can Consistory on Preparing out-of Religious Books

Rules out-of Caron concerning Witches and you can Offering Help the new Clergymen. Council Records Loss of Bavius and you may Fulfilling regarding aux Brebis so you can Office. Day-Diary Records to the Recent Conference of Delegates. Council Records Death of J. Happart and you may Precise location of the Clergymen in the office. Tayouan Big date-Diary Accounts towards Condition of Schools and you will Churches. Zeelandia Big date-Log Notes News away from Some Station. President Overtwater to the The total amount of one’s Work significantly less than Mr. Junius. Tayouan Consistory Defends Brethren Facing So-called Periods by Junius. Consistory Complains of Junius and you may Commands Way to obtain Christian Books off Holland. Tayouan Consistory Delivers its Protection on Amsterdam Classis. Second regarding Amsterdam Classis with the Costs Against Classis to help you Formosa Consistory Exonerating Mr.

Governor Caron and you may Council on site out-of Gurus and you will Informative Activities

Junius. Zeelandia Moment to the Gravius Offering Cows, and Kruyf Researching Tithes. Amsterdam Classis so you can Formosa Consistory toward Question of Mr. Junius. Formosa Council to your Paucity out-of Specialists. Struys’ Note towards Tailed Guys. Consistory on the Sort of Tuition, and Mr. Junius’ Alleged Charges. Formosa Council into the Resignation regarding Mssrs. Vertrecht and you may Gravius, and Mr. Kruyf’s Works. Minute-Book Cards the fresh Phrase on Mr. Gravius within the Mr. Snoucq’s Instance. Amsterdam Classis Sends Amicable Greetings to Formosa Consistory. Governor Verburg Criticises the new Clergymen and you may Profile Their Moves. Governor Verburg is Happier The Clergymen are Free of All Judicial Work. Formosa Council Cards Quarrel Between Governor Verburg and you can Rev. D. Gravius. Formosa Council Blames Commissioner Versteegen getting Favouring Clergymen. Batavia Council Writes Panel away from Seventeen Accusing brand new Clergymen.

Batavia Council Reproves Governor Verburg and you will Reinstates Mr. Gravius. Choice off Batavia Council Defending Mr. Gravius’ Step. Formosa Council Delivers Phrase toward Gravius and Proof of His Guilt. Batavia Council Definitely Admonishes Verburg about Gravius’ Circumstances. Formosa Council Defends the action out-of Governor Verburg. Formosa Council Reports Death of Rev. W. Brakel and you will Blames Grams. Happart. Formosa Council Profile Loss of Mssrs. Tesschemaeker and you can Gravius. Formosa Council to the Boost from Gurus, and you may Leniency With the Inibs . Ex-Governor Verburg’s Article on Goal Work with Formosa. Formosa Date-Diary Cards Conclusion Affecting Several Clergymen. Formosa Council Accounts Really works Successful in the Northern but Backward on the Southern. Formosa Council on site out-of Clergymen and Catechists. Formosa Council Accounts Death of Rev. J. Campius, and Problems away from Hambroek. Formosa Council for the Property, Visits, and you will Functions regarding Clergymen.

Tayouan Church’s Much time Note into Installing Theological College at the Mattau. Formosa Council Forwards Obtain University out-of Mattau in order to Batavia. Formosa Council to your Are employed in South, and Prefers Soulang to have Theological University. Formosa Council Issues Proclamation to help you Penalize Idolatry and other Sins. Formosa Council Account Death of Rev. Grams. Vinderus. Council out of Seventeen Condemns Proclamation of your Council Against Idolatry. Formosa Council Delivers Delegates to relieve which have Koxinga. Zeelandia Day-Log Accounts Page off Koxinga, and you may Coyett’s Answer. Batavia Council for the Motions out of Clergymen and you may Engagement out-of Hendrickz. Rev. J. Kruyf’s Letter Relates to Death of Formosa. List away from Courses Based in the Chapel Library on Tayouan. A Prayer Before Divine Provider, because of the Rev. Roentgen. Junius. A good Sermon of the Rev. Roentgen. Junius toward Psalm 1. Earliest Reduced Catechism, by Rev.

R. Junius. An initial Formulary from Christianity, by Rev. Roentgen. Junius. A much bigger Catechism, by the Rev. Roentgen. Junius. Chinese Conquest off Formosa. Original Situations. Arrival and you may Earn from Koxinga. Real Proofs. Appendix. The latest Spaniards Expelled of Formosa inside the 1642. Very early English Trade at Formosa. Visit away from Father de- Mailla within the 1715, and you will Mention from the Abbe Grosier. Benyowsky’s Narrative out-of 1771. Explanatory Cards.

Region 3

Tayouan Council Appoints Joost van Bergen while the Interpreter or Deputy. Zeelandia Time-Book to the Vitality regarding Consistory and you may Fulfilling out of Workplace-Bearers. Formosa Council into the van Breen into the Favorlang and you can Olhoff throughout the South. Verpoorten’s Overview of Church Issues into the Formosa. Tayouan Council Needs Clergymen for Tamsui, Kelang, and you can Kabalan. Mention with the van Breen levying Certain Fees and penalties, and you may a home away from https://getbride.org/da/hot-filipina-kvinder/ Correction to own Bad Feminine. Tayouan Day-Log into Punishing an excellent Tapouliangian to have Impurity. Formosa Council Commends van Breen for Keeping See for the Chinese. Formosa Council’s Reasons for Asking for one an additional Clergyman End up being Sent. Formosa Consistory’s Demand so you can Council Throughout the Individuals Church Matters. Governor Caron Accounts for the County of your own Church on the Batavia Council.