Moses cherished their family relations quite openly and also helplessly

Since story regarding Holden Caulfield on Catcher into the the newest Rye, Herzog provides certain elements one mean so you’re able to the autobiographical framework

Most other signs and symptoms of existential drama such as for example irrational anxiety and stress also can be seen that have Holden. When he proposes to Sally Hayes, exactly who the guy doesn’t have any legitimate attitude having, the guy admits he feels because if he constantly should get into action; normally, the guy worries one to some thing crappy can come. Yet not, he knows that their procedures don’t have one mental motives. This anxiety that is caused by the brand new existential dread the guy feel, is even revealed when he seems cooler about park. He fears that he provides the pneumonia, and he is just about to pass away: “We remaining alarming that we was taking pneumonia, with all those individuals hunks out of frost in my locks, and that i was going to die”(The new Catcher from the Rye, 1951, 201).

Herzog was first wrote within the 1964, a few days following book of J.D. Salinger’s This new Catcher in the Rye (1951), therefore reflects the newest emotional heart of your own article battle America and also the details and you can thoughts of its author. The smoothness Herzog, including the composer of the publication, Saul Bellow, stayed in Canada, emerged out of an excellent Jewish records, got several marriage ceremonies, in fact it is a mental that has difficulties with this new mass area who has got visited live mechanically without the religious viewpoints. This religious cleaner could easily be inferred on the individuals emails your profile Herzog beautiful macedonian women produces to different individuals in the unique and additionally their behavioral emotions for the particular events he experience.

Herzog try an established teacher, exactly who originates from a very religious record you to thinking religion and family. Yet not, in spite of their spiritual background along with his archaic side you to definitely dignifies societal relationships, Herzog is no longer capable set faith and household members for the the centre from his lifetime. When you look at the a letter the guy writes to help you God he states: “How my brain has actually battled and then make coherent experience, I have not been too-good from the they” (Herzog, 1964, 325, italics unique). Their Jewish provider is a vital theme regarding unique and you may brings important clues on the inner problems he has. He apparently ponders his prior and his household members because the an effective treatment for getting away from the newest despair one surrounds him. Which paradoxical aspect of Herzog’s mind could well be depicted with this sentences:

His sister Willy, their aunt Helen, probably the cousins. It absolutely was childish of your; the guy realized that. He may only eyes within themselves, the guy might be thus undeveloped on that extreme edge of their nature. He either attempted to consider, inside the very own words, whether or not this might be their archaic factor, primitive. Tribal, you realize. Of ancestor worship and you may totemism (Herzog, 1964, 78).

The present day society one to surrenders him is slammed on the after the terminology to own disregarding anyone and implementing a beneficial materialistic view of lifestyle.

No matter if Moses Herzog’s archaic heart you to definitely viewpoints friends, love, mental reliance, passions was mentioned a few times regarding novel, they are don’t in a position to go after which heart into the a beneficial globe where relations have more crucial viewpoints than just spiritual

For the a local. For the an effective century. During the changeover. From inside the a bulk. Transformed from the research. Around organized stamina. Susceptible to immense control. In a state brought about mechanical. Following later inability regarding major hopes. Within the a people that has been no society and devalued the individual. Using the fresh increased strength out-of wide variety hence generated worry about minimal (Herzog, 1964, 200).