Thai female prepared to guard the society’s wetland forest

Women regarding Benefit Rueang people had been very important throughout the effort in order to encourage brand new Thai government to eliminate an intend to industrialize the newest 483-hectare wetland tree they appreciated and you will relied into the. It helped to raise social awareness regarding their community’s complications to help you the newest government’s special monetary zone rules that endangered the continuing future of Boon Rueang’s wetland tree. Their efforts led to town winning new Equator Honor out of this new Us Creativity Plan (UNDP) when you look at the 2020.

The latest Boon Rueang wetland tree in north Thailand try seasonally flooded having water about close mountains. It is consisted of inside Ing River Watershed, a 260-kilometre lake basin that moves off Phayao Province so you can Chiang Rai Province in northern Thailand and on for the Mekong River. The newest wetland forest brings eating, medicine and you will rewarding ecosystem functions towards the society, for example cleaning h2o having sipping and you can farming explore, restricting flood, storage carbon, and you can replenishing groundwater.

I spoke that have Chanraem Rueangwilai, the only real women associate to the Boon Rueang Wetland Forest Maintenance Group, Neam Chantharueang, Couch of one’s Benefit Rueang Ladies’ Classification, and you may Kannika Jinasam, a member of new community’s Women’s Category. It shared its ideas on why and just how they campaigned to help you cover the new Benefit Rueang wetland forest.

Chanraem Rueangwilai is the assistant of your Benefit Rueang Wetland Tree Preservation Classification. She touches a community fulfilling prior to the local event having successful brand new Equator Honor.