Reyes said she pleased from inside the seeing Lupe Solano decrease avenue she accepted and eat from the restaurants she would visited

Even more important, she told you, Garcia-Aguilera catches the fresh Miami Cuban ideas therefore the pervasiveness of your Catholic Church within the Miami’s individual and you can public life. (Lupe’s favorite cousin Lourdes-titled to have Garcia-Aguilera’s mommy-is actually a cool nun whom claims Lupe keep about three Catholic medals pinned to help you her bra having defense against worst.)

The reality of Miami means and you can environment is actually implemented from the sort of outlandish items you might not see in almost every other puzzle novels. In one book, Lupe’s consumer are a top-charged name girl who’s got and additionally supposedly a good virgin. An additional, Lupe was hired of the mommy superior of a single convent so you’re able to investigate if another convent is attempting to pull out-of an artificial magic. In the Havana Temperatures, one which obtained the fresh Shamus, Lupe’s consumer try a rich old lady who requires she to find a long-forgotten tapestry and you can smuggle it of Cuba in the long run to help you inform you it with the customer’s also earlier mother on her behalf deathbed.

Needless to say, Standiford pointed out, “that is area…of the pleased accident out of residing in Florida,” where in actuality the outlandish is generally standard. Often, the best tale facts come from only understanding the newest morning papers.

This new unusual issues push Lupe to test uncommon ideas. For instance, to research the new convent, she dispatches certainly her female operatives to set up a great hot-dog cart across the street, while sporting an effective thong swimsuit (bikini-clothed hot-dog providers was basically a familiar sight by routes out of Southern area Florida regarding the 90s).