Meanwhile, Jessica Pearson found out about Mike Ross and you can Rachel Zane had been matchmaking

Paula Agard

He spotted Dr. Paula Agard to assist him deal with their panic and next dated their particular for a few months.

Seasons 2

Mike Ross and you can Donna Paulsen decided to go to jail so you can confront Stephen Huntley into the their affidavit. Unsure your prison he had been during the info every talks, Stephen Huntley acknowledge to Donna Paulsen he lied within his affidavit. Within the deposition off Ava Hessington by the Harvey, Harvey ran off the record and you may apologizes to help you Ava Hessington but stayed tight one to any type of he previously complete, it had been in her welfare. Ava Hessington approved Harvey’s apology and Harvey generated enjoyable from Travis Tanner. She pushed Mike Ross to carry an enthusiastic affidavit so you can Rachel Zane and get their own so you’re able to sign and acknowledge one to this lady has degree in the Mike Ross’ bogus Harvard Degree, thereby implicating Rachel Zane among the teams on corporation abetting on the hide off Mike Ross educational title.

Harvey and Robert form teams to defend the company away from Thomas Bratton, who is suing all of them to possess $20,000,000 to own conspiracy in order to conspire inside Masterson Structure/Change Corp. circumstances. Harvey and Robert discover that Bratton keeps cancer tumors as well as 2 many years kept to live on, features selected to invest their left lifespan looking to need all of them off.