Their area IV consisted of several guidelines into the betrothal and you can wedding, whether or not both institutions have been governed mostly from the canon laws

On the age Foreign-language code and far of your nineteenth century matrimony and you will relevant products were controlled during the Costa Rica of the the Catholic cannon laws of Latin rite, specifically you to definitely contained in the norms of Council out of Trent. Thus it absolutely was developed on the Siete Partidas, high Castilian legislative performs of your own thirteenth century, that was put in force during Spanish America.

The new betrothal are an enforceable deal before ecclesiastical courts, and their authenticity it absolutely was necessary that each other betrothed was basically about eight years of age, although it could be appropriate regarding minors of these ages, if it is actually affirmed later. ent there is actually no divorce case joining, except for the few instances delivered to inside cannon law. Also the statutes away from wedding, plenty of municipal laws and regulations, specifically those in accordance with Partidas, managed aspects of relationships per hurdles, adultery, kinship or other things (Michael jordan de- Asso y del Rio, Manuel & Rodriguez, 1984: 45-50).

After every matrimony, the official create posting the brand new authoritative backup of one’s service so you can this new Costa Rican authorities6

The latest adultery of a woman are believed a criminal activity plus the laws and regulations built serious punishments for the adulteress and her accomplice.