Elite bards mostly performed in order to a gathering of men, since cafes was guys-just places and hammams sex-segregated

Fdaouis mainly spent some time working in public places places – cafes, s. Specific cafes actually had their bards. In the midst of the brand new cigarette, chatter, objections and laughter, they amused, distracted making their life. Whilst it are frowned upon for a female so you can linger additional their https://gorgeousbrides.net/da/theluckydate/ family and you may tune in to the brand new tales away from a person whom could be seeking seduce or corrupt their particular, most females did be involved in so it men and women ways, sharing their stories in the home. Inside a family group or societal network, feminine create designate just who among the many parents, aunts, grannies and you will siblings was indeed very competent at the storytelling. That is exactly how my cousin became our family members’ unofficial fdaouia – mostly since the shortly after she gets already been, nobody can end their.

After the my personal father’s memory, I happened to be drawn to explore the world of Tunisian bards. Their huge collection out-of reports varied, but a few well-known archetypes shone as a consequence of. There were stories concerning the aroussa, or bride-to-be, the newest azouza, otherwise dated lady, steeped businessmen, sultans and you may bad, sad souls.